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Surrogacy with IVF

Included in this program

Before we start

  • Consultation meeting with our representative + doctor medical opinion if required

  • Preparing all the legal documents required for the process, for IVF treatment, and with the surrogate.

  • IVF protocol for intended mother

  • Oocyte(egg) retrieval and fertilization in our clinic

  • Thorough medical psychological and social screening of surrogate and your approval

Embryo transfer

  • Medically preparing your surrogate for embryo transfer

  • Embryo shipping to our clinic

  • Embryo Transfer to your surrogate and a prayer for success

  • Our never-give-up commitment: As long as you have embryos, we will keep trying

  • The option of surrogate replacement in case of failed attempts


  • Pregnancy monitoring at our clinic, including regular pregnancy monitoring visits to our clinic, early systems screening, late systems screening, nuchal translucency, and an amniotic fluid test (procedure performed by our doctor if required).

  • We invite you to take part and participate in the important tests – if you can’t come to us, we will come to you via video conference.

Labor and delivery

  • When the time comes your surrogate will head to our specially designed maternity suite at a private hospital.


  • We invite you to arrive a bit before labor time and will provide you with fully equipped housing. You will stay in our apartment which has everything you need until its time to go back home.  Our nursing staff and pediatricians will assist you during your stay with your new child. Our English-speaking facilities manager will take care of all your needs.

  • As soon as your baby is out of the hospital, we will assist you to complete all the procedures and paperwork which is required in order to go back home. This process takes time and differs according to your country of origin. We have an experienced legal team which will guide you through this process and make sure that you complete it as soon as possible. You are in good hands and we urge you to enjoy the comfort of our apartment and support of our team and take this waiting period as a an opportunity to  bond with your new baby.

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Our new parents say it all

"These people are angels"

"These people are angels. We've been through so much - but we're so glad we got to Manor Medical. It was nothing like the places we tried before. Their professional team made the process sound simple, and they were right. Everything went exactly as promised."

family thumbnail

Daniel and Ellie

Scarlet's parents

"Real professionals and kind people"

I'm looking at my 2-month old, and... I can't believe it's real. I was so skeptical, but you proved me wrong. We met real professionals - kind people who take their work seriously. We felt we're in capable hands. Thank you so much.

mother and baby thumbnail


Sophie's mom

"Thank you for everything"

Thank you for being there 24/7. Thank you for your infinite patience. Thank you for answering every single question. Thank you for keeping us calm. And thank god for bringing us to you.

family thumbnail

Laney and john

Riley's parents

"We couldn't have chosen a better provider"

Today, we heard the baby's heartbeat. I'm writing this with shaking hands. I still can't believe it. We couldn't have chosen a better provider, and your support meant the world. The sonogram pics are already on their way - start listing baby names for us!

mother and baby thumbnail


Luke's mom

"They take their job so seriously. I made the right choice."

On our first consultation, I was skeptical. I was so worried, but the egg donation process went so fast and was so easy. Other clinics made it seem so exhausting and complicated. At Manor Medical, I met professionals who take their job so seriously. I'm glad I made the right choice.

family thumbnail

Alexander and Emily

Maddy's parents

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