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There are so many reasons to choose Manor Medical.
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Highest standards of medicine

We are the only company that offers Western-standard surrogacy programs with a full Israeli team of doctors and all other professionals.

Convenient fixed pricing

We offer fixed price surrogacy programs. Yes, that’s exactly what we offer - a program that ends with a healthy baby for a pre-announced price.

Goal-oriented programs

Our goal is very clear: to
see you home with a healthy baby
. Once you join our program we keep going until birth. This way, you know you won't be spending thousands of dollars with no result.

Quick-response service

We understand your time is precious. Usually, you can have your first embryos transferred to a surrogate within 60 days from joining our program.

With you all the way

In an event that the pregnancy does not reach its end we start all over at no additional cost.

Surrogate replacement

Our programs allow for a replacement of surrogate following negative attempts – once again with no extra charge.

Ready for every scenario

If the need arises, your baby will receive care in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) with no additional payment.

Strict surrogate screening

Our surrogates go through strict medical and psychological screening and receive approval from our own panel of leading doctors and a psychologist.

Regular updates and monitoring

You will receive regular updates about your surrogate’s pregnancy, including all test and scan results. You'll also be able to take part in the monitoring process via video conference.

Dedicated, professional team

A dedicated team of doctors, professors, embryologists, lab managers, certified nurses, legal experts, and logistics experts working round the clock for you

A to Z solution

Surrogacy is long and complex, with medical, legal and operational implications. We will be there to assist and guide you from day one until you are back home.

Responsible medicine

In accordance with strict international protocols, we usually transfer one embryo at a time, for the safety of your baby and surrogate.

Round-the-clock baby care

After the birth, you will receive round-the-clock care. Following release from the hospital, a nurse or pediatrician will visit once a week to monitor your progress until you go back home.

Immediate birth certificate

Your and your partner's names will be put on the birth certificate as soon as your baby is born (the surrogate’s name will not appear there).

Fully equipped housing

We will provide you a fully furnished and equipped apartment prior to the due date until it’s time to fly home. This will give you a chance to adapt to your new status as parent.

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