About us

Established in 2008, Manor Baby helped bring over 5000 babies into this world in the past 13 years, through professional egg donation and surrogacy services.

Manor Baby is owned and operated by Danel Group, a publicly-traded, leading welfare and medical service supplier in Israel.

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The Manor Baby story

At Manor Baby, we believe in creating a safe, comfortable environment to both our customers and our employees. Our team is well aware that they meet the patients at a critical and emotional moment in their life and they make sure to provide a personal, compassionate care for our customers, as well as our donors (read more about our values).

Manor Baby is known for its highest standards of quality and safety in the healthcare field. We have experience as the largest company in Israel providing fertility solutions, and had the privilege of helping more than 5,000 healthy children come to this world through egg donation and surrogacy.

Manor Baby is a subsidiary of  Danel Group. Established in  1974 as a family company, Danel evolved into a publicly-traded company in 1992, maintaining steady growth and development throughout the years.
Danel Group employs over 30,000 staff members, including 3,000 professionals – social workers, doctors, nurses and caregivers, computer specialists, human resource directors, business management graduates and more. Together, our team runs over 100 branches, programs and clinics that provide services worldwide.

Learn more about Danel and about our team.