The Manor Baby programs

Manor Baby has a long history of providing fertility services in Israel, one of the most medically advanced nations in the world.

Our model of care allows Manor Baby to deliver the highest level of quality fertility treatments using egg donation, excellence in quality and safety of care at lower and more affordable costs.

Find your program

Find your ideal program

Manor Baby provides a variety of programs and options to assist you to achieve your dream of parenthood in the best way for you. Whether that is shipping donor eggs to your local clinic, creating embryos at our facilities to ship to your clinic of choice or to travel to us in Israel to complete your IVF treatment with donor eggs.

Frozen or Fresh Donor Eggs?

There is a lot of talk about what is better fresh or frozen donor eggs for your treatment. Egg freezing technology has progressed over the last decade and with the technology that is available today, frozen donor egg success rates are comparable to those achieved with fresh donor eggs.

Vitrification – Rapid Egg Freezing Technique

All eggs donated through Manor Baby's egg donation program are frozen using an egg freezing technique called vitrification. Vitrification is a flash-freezing process that results in a solid, glass-like substance. It is currently the main method of egg freezing, associated with best IVF outcomes. Unlike other methods of oocyte cryopreservation, ice crystal formation (which may damage the egg) does not occur during vitrification. As the technique requires a considerable amount of skill, it is important to put your choice in the right specialists and medical facility.

At Manor Baby, egg vitrification is performed by experienced Clinical Embryologists. Around 95% percent of the oocytes survive the process, which compares well with leading clinics in this field in the world.

Available programs

Manor Baby offers you the choice of using either fresh or frozen donor eggs through our tailored programs, so you can choose the program which suits you and your particular situation the best.

Egg program

Manor Baby supplies frozen donor eggs which are shipped to your collaboration clinic. Your embryos are then created at your local IVF clinic with your fertility specialist. Manor Baby offers 2 egg programs to ensure you can find the best solution for your needs and budget.

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Embryo programs

The sperm you wish to use is shipped to our facilities  and your embryos are created in our laboratory with fresh donor eggs. The resulting embryos are then shipped to your collaborating clinic of choice for your transfer procedure or for a surrogacy arrangement.

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Have your full treatment with us

You can have your egg donation treatment in one of  the Manor Baby facilities in Israel. Manor Baby offers a full suite of fertility treatment in Israel for couples or individuals who would wish to have all their treatment in one place, including their embryo transfer.

If you would like more information about treatment options in our Israel clinics please contact us for more information.