Who needs egg donation?

Egg donations help intending parents who are unable to use or do not have their own eggs to create their family.

Who uses egg donation?

Who needs egg donation?

The use of an egg donor is not for specific groups of people who wish to become parents , many people can benefit from the use of donor eggs and in some cases it’s the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. There is a wide variety of reasons people may require the assistance of an egg donor  to create their family. Some of these include.

  • Older women with age related fertility decline.

  • Same sex male couples/singles - require the assistance of an egg donor as neither partner has their own biological eggs. Other people who from the LGBTQIA+ community may also require the assistance of an egg donor.

  • Women born with no ovaries or following the loss of one or both ovaries (following trauma or surgery).

  • Following cancer treatment, which result may have resulted in the damage or loss of the remaining eggs.

  • If there is a risk of passing on a genetic condition through use of the eggs.

  • Compromised or poor egg quality – some women undergo early menopause or have an insufficiency of eggs where the number and quality of their eggs is poor.

  • After Several IVF (In vitro fertilization) attempts have been unsuccessful an egg donor may assist if the egg quality is poor.

Our team at Manor Baby are here to support you in deciding whether egg donation is right for you.

Your choice

Deciding to use an egg donor

The team at Manor Baby understands that the use of an egg donor may be complex and life changing decision to make.

The decision to move forward with egg donation requires information and support to assist intending parents consider all the options available. It is recommended to discuss your own individual situation and requirements with our Patient Operations Team, your fertility specialist and seek the support of a fertility counsellor.

In Australia counselling of all parties involved in the donation is mandatory. This allows intending parents/s to explore their thoughts and feelings about the use of an egg donation in creating their family. Counselling is usually completed at the clinic where treatment will take place.

Manor Baby has a counsellor who understands the Australian environment and is a member of the Australia New Zealand Fertility Counsellors Association and is available to all our  intending parents throughout their journey with Manor Baby.

It is important to consider what is best for you and the welfare of the children born through donor conception. Counselling can assist in this process. Things which may be explored in counselling are:

  • Grief and loss in relation to the intending parents fertility and their initial hopes to have their own genetic family.

  • The level of agreement between a couple (if applicable) about the use of donated eggs.

  • Understanding the legislative framework of egg donation.

  • Having a child who is not genetically related to one or both parents.

  • Parenting alone, in the case of a single intending parent.

  • Rights of and disclosure to the child - research has proven that donor conceived people do best if they know how they were conceived and have easy access to information about their donor and their genetic origins.

  • Why, how and when to tell a child about their genetic origins.

  • A child’s possible future interest in contacting the donor and how they may do this.

  • Who will be told about the donation?

  • The possibility the donation may not be successful.

Egg donation

The right to know

There is growing acknowledgement around the world that disclosure of their genetic origins to donor conceived individuals is recommended and that long-term record keeping is important to allow donor conceived individuals future access to information about their genetic origins and potentially connect with their donor.

Manor Baby respects this and ensures all donors who are donating through the Australian program are given information to make an informed consent to be an open identity donor.

In Australia, no clinic can offer treatment with an anonymous donor. All donors accessed in Australia and used for treatment must consent to their identifying information and medical history to be recorded, stored and available to children conceived through their donation once they turn 18 years (16 in Western Australia) years of age.

Intending parents are encouraged to tell their children about their story of how they were conceived at an early age and this been shown to be in the best interests for the children. There are many resources through your clinic and through local state agencies which can assist with information on telling your story to your future children.
Please ask us if you would like any recommendations.

Your donor

Finding an Egg Donor

Options of egg donation include finding someone you know who is happy to donate eggs, a friend, work colleague or distant family member. Others will seek to use a donor recruited by their clinic either locally or internationally or some will search online through established egg donation forums. Others will travel overseas to access egg donation.

Sometimes the journey to find a donor can be arduous as intending parents need be open to tell their personal story and let a third person into their life to assist them.

Manor Baby offers a seamless new solution in finding your ideal donor. Our local Australia team support you at each step along the way.

Manor Baby can either import your chosen frozen donor eggs to your clinic in Australia or we can assist intending parents to have treatment in our facilities in Tbilisi, Georgia or Tel Aviv, Israel using fresh donor eggs, if you prefer.

If you choose to have treatment at our own facilities, all donors for Australia meet the strict requirements for open identity and other required regulations so any resulting embryos will be able to be shipped back a partnering clinic in Australia.

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