Choosing the best program for you

There are two egg donation programs to choose from, all come with a Manor Guarantee of a minimum number and kind of embryos.

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What should you consider?

Each donation cycle is unique, and the number of eggs collected can vary with each donor's cycle. If a Donor has her egg collection and the number of eggs collected does not match the egg program you have chosen, we will let you know and will discuss your options of either changing the egg program or choosing a new donor.

Number of eggs

Our programs guarantee 8 and 16 quality vitrified donor eggs. More eggs means higher chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Number of embryos

Each program guarantees a different number of embryos. As with eggs, more embryos could mean better chances of success.

Additional egg shipping

In all programs, you are able to add eggs to the program, we can tailor make a program which suits your needs and have these shipped to your clinic (priced separately).