Our egg programs

We believe everyone should have a chance to parent. That's why Manor Baby provides intended parents with  two egg donation programs to choose from.

All programs include the Manor guarantee of a minimum number and kind of embryos.
Intending Parents are welcome to choose the best program for their needs and budget.

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US$ 12,900

Standard program

8 frozen donor eggs

Manor Guarantee of a minimum of 3 high quality cleavage day 3 embryos or up to two high quality blastocysts

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US$ 19,100

Premium program

16 frozen donor eggs

Manor Guarantee of a minimum of 6 high quality cleavage day 3 embryos or up to four high quality blastocysts

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Egg shipping to Australia costs an additional $1200 USD.

IVF and your embryo transfer cycle will be completed at your local clinic at additional costs

All programs include

The Manor guarantee

If not enough embryos have developed,  Manor Baby will provide additional eggs as needed at no cost to meet the embryo guarantee.

Designed for your peace of mind

Optional genetic tests

Manor Baby provides genetic counselling and genetic carrier screening for the sperm provider to ensure there are no genetic matches with the chosen donor.

Delivery warranty

Manor Baby provides a delivery warranty. In case eggs are unusable on arrival, Manor will provide an additional shipment at no cost.

Compliant shipping

Our shipping procedures meet all IATA requirements. Gametes are shipped on-board in special  dry-shippers. All samples are exempt from X-ray.


What do program fees include?

It is illegal in Australia to receive payment for donated eggs or any human tissue. Our Donors are reimbursed reasonable and verifiable costs associated with the donation process, which they have incurred, for example medical examinations, travel costs, childcare (if applicable), and accommodation but are not compensated for their time or paid for any eggs they give. The recipient who receives donated eggs through Manor Baby's egg donor program covers the costs we have incurred to be able to provide donor eggs through the program.

These costs include the:

Donor recruitment and screening

Donor’s medical consultations with our physicians

Infectious disease and genetic carrier screen testing of the donor

Genetic counselling to match the donor and the recipient

Counselling and psychological assessment of the donor by our Manor Baby Psychologist

Counselling by an Australian ANZICA eligible psychologist

Planning and monitoring of the donors stimulation treatment cycle by our Senior Medical Consultant

All medication required for the donor’s treatment cycle

All day surgery fees for the egg collection procedure

Laboratory costs to vitrify and store the eggs

Reimbursement of any costs associated with the donation incurred by the donor

All the people involved to make sure our donors and your journey is smooth and seamless

Not included in these pricing are:

All costs associated and charged by your fertility clinic including, your embryos transfer cycle, fertility specialist consultations, counselling, storage of your donated eggs and any administrative fees

Optional Invitae Comprehensive Carrier Screen for the male intended parent or sperm provider. Payment is made directly to Invitae

Any Supportive Counselling with our Australian Manor Baby Counsellor

Shipment of the donor eggs to your clinic in Australia