Shipping and delivery

Once the egg donation process is complete, intended parents can choose to ship them to their home country for IVF.

Manor Baby engages with reputable shipping agencies to  ensure your eggs reach their destination safely.

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Getting your eggs to you

All of Manor Baby's donor gametes are shipped by on-board couriers in specialised dry-shippers. An assigned dedicated courier physically  remains with the shipping container at all times – from the moment of pick up from our facility to the final point of delivery into the custody of the intending parents clinic.

The temperature is monitored throughout the journey and the shipper is exempted from X-ray scans.

We use a reputable company who specialises in the shipment of a precious cargo like donor eggs, sperm and embryos. Our shipping procedures meet all IATA(International Air Transport Association) requirements.

In case eggs are unusable on arrival after shipment, Manor Baby will provide an additional shipment at no cost.

Egg shipping to Australia costs an additional $1200 USD.