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Unlike many private egg banks, Manor Baby is a part of Danel - a publicly listed company providing healthcare services worldwide. As such, we make sure to comply with the strictest regulations and most advanced standard of care. We put our pride not only in providing excellent care, but also in providing a tailor-made, compassionate care to our patients.

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Here are the main factors to consider when seeking an egg donation:

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Our donors undergo a meticulous screening process to ensure they are fit and healthy to donate. This includes physical examinations, ultrasound, blood tests, genetic tests, comprehensive family medical history and counselling.

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All Manor Baby programs guarantee of up to 2 blastocysts or more. Our guarantees are meant to give you full peace of mind, knowing you have a chance of achieving your dream of parenthood.

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Manor Baby screens all donors with a comprehensive carrier screenpanel which checks for over 350 genetic conditions.

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No outsourcing

All egg donation related procedures are performed in the facility in Ukraine and Georgia by Manor Baby's medical staff and monitored by our experienced Israeli Fertility Specialists. We rely exclusively on our own team of professionals.

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Quality assurance

The embryology laboratory in Kyiv and Tbilisi are fully licensed laboratory which holds accreditation to the international Quality Management Standards, ISO 9001:2015. The modern laboratory contains state of the art equipment and our team follows evidence based practice, which is reflected in our policies, standard operating procedures and Quality Assurance activities.

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Donor's well-being is our top priority

Our donors receive personal, attentive support throughout the entire donation process. They are being recruited by Manor's team and receive both local and expert Australian psychological counselling to make sure they are suitable for the program both physically and mentally.

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No need to travel overseas to access egg donations programs. Have your treatment locally, with no waiting lists, with donors who are fully compliant to Australian regulations and have consented to identity-release. We know you've been through a lot coming to this point and assure you a fast and simplified solution.

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We offer a model of pricing which has flexibility for you to find an egg program and payment plan which suits your requirements.

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All of Manor Baby's donor gametes are shipped by on-board couriers in specialized dry-shippers. They monitor the temperature and make sure the shippers remain intact and exempted from X-ray scans.

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We are here for you

Our local team is based in Australia and available to you at any time. We will walk you through every stage of the process and do everything in our power to make this a good experience for you.

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No misleading statistics regarding success rates, we provide you with the actual data you need to know you're choosing high quality donor eggs, and offer a fair compensation policy that will increase your chances of becoming a parent.